Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's acceptable:
  • to have a Curious George stuffed animal sitting on your dashboard. I'm a grown-up. And every time my dad sits in my passenger seat he says, "That little shit head is staring at me!" ha.
  • to be a *little* excited that new Beavis and Butthead episodes are coming out. Say whaaaaa? Maybe because it reminds me of the good ol' days of being in 5th grade and sneaking to watch MTV when my parents weren't looking.

It's NOT acceptable:

  • to stay in your apartment after suspecting a gas leak, because we thought, "Oh well it's too late to call anyone, so we'll just brave it and keep the windows open." I did check to see if Lainey was still breathing the next day, because I'm sweet. Apparently it's smart to LEAVE the premises when even SUSPECTING a gas leak. Soooo, yeah. Probably the dumbest thing I have ever done...and I'm sharing it with you fine people! Lainey and I were laughing for over an hour, thinking about HOW DUMB WE WERE.
(don't judge me)

*hangs head*


  1. already judged you :)

  2. Yeah... I did that once though. Was alone in my apartment in Mexico, boyfriend in another town. Didn't much fancy sitting on the street all night either!

  3. so wait...I'm not alone?? I don't feel so bad :D

  4. oh my gosh...beavis and butthead??? THOSE were the days..

  5. yes, I found another girl that like Beavis and Butthead!!! We're rare :)

  6. giggling and snorting ala beavis and the butthead :D

  7. Hahaha that gas leak thing is something I would do too! Things are always clear in hindsight :p

  8. Haha, that cracks me up. And if I were being completely honest, I probably would have done exactly the same thing as you in the gas leak situation.


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