Ashley Jay's Pieces of Wisdom (at 26)

The only reason I'm writing this is because I want to look back one day and see what I figured out about life up to this point. Maybe I will do another one when I am 34. Then 52. Will I have this blog that long? Who the hell knows? All I know is I'm going to pick random ages...because it's fun.

So, onto what I know about life, thus far:
  1. Don't name your kid an overly common name, like Ashley. It gets rather annoying.
  2. Stay away from charming men (don't think I've learned my lesson just yet).
  3. The less make-up one wears, the more and more beautiful she begins to feel. I'm really starting to figure this one out.
  4. Red wine has magical powers.
  5. The answer is forgiveness, every time.
  6. I know I will finally feel real love when I hold my first child. None of this romantic nonsense really does it for me.
  7. There will come a time when I am less bitter about love. We go through phases in life, I've come to accept.
  8. Traveling may be the remedy to all the wars and misunderstandings in this world. Learning about other cultures has taught me more than a 4-year degree ever could.
  9. Being a twenty-something is certainly not as fabulous as it's made up to be. I don't think I've ever been more confused!
  10. Oceans and seas are mighty healing.It's like being in the womb.
  11. Praying makes a difference.
  12. Peanut butter and chocolate (especially combined) can turn your day around.
  13. In the end, just give me my family and dear friends.
  14. The hunger for money is insatiable. Beware of living that life.
  15. Don't let fear rule your thoughts, learn how to just go for it!
  16. Adversely, know when to not go for it. Sometimes no is the answer.
  17. Diets are a joke.
  18. Purple is the greatest color in the whole of the universe.
  19. Make sure to wake up each morning and thank God you are alive.
Of course, I'm pretending to know some things about life, which is laughable.

Feel free, dear readers, to add. Your life advice? Do tell.


  1. That's a great idea. I might have to come up with one myself, maybe now when I turn 27.

    I totally agree with all of them!!!

  2. That's a good list. I agree with some, maybe a little less with others (I do have a few years on you, after all), but I'd have to say, none is more true to a happy life than #18. Why, on Earth, is that one not bolded? ;-)

    I'll do a list after I finish the music challenge haha.

  3. Maybe I should bold it in PURPLE. Okay, doing so right now.

    And disregard my list, remember I'm young, stupid and restless :)

  4. Point #1 - Well, at least nobody ever messes up your name.... I've spent my WHOLE LIFE explaining to people that my name is spelled "Dianna", but pronounced "DEANNA" (because in Spanish an "i" sounds like an "e").

    And even when people don't SEE my name written (like when I give my name at Starbucks), they STILL call out "Diana". Or "Diane"...



  5. At 47, I agree with all your points except 1 and 2.

    Apple Martin, Zowie Bowie, and Moon Unit Zappa would probably disagree about the value of a "common" name.

    Charm doesn't always signify insincerity. Or, as I like to put it, "smooth is smooth, baby." Think of that little boy student of yours whom you wrote about some time ago that had so much game. Surely he's not someone to avoid.

  6. D--ok, maybe yours is worse, but seriously, try having 4 other Ashleys in your class!!! THAT's fun.

    chris--touchee. I love that little guy. You have such a good memory!

  7. You know how many Anthony's there are walking around with my name that are ****ing idiots? If only we could get rid of all the idiots, then a common name wouldn't be so bad.

  8. hahahaha!!!!! Love your comment, ant. and it seems you went on a commenting spree!

  9. Yeah, don't name your kid Emily either. It makes me really agressive seeing all these 13 year old blonde chics who do ballet with my name. I feel like saying "I have a right to that name because I brunette and bookish and have a thing for the Victorians, but YOU have nothing to do with that name!" Hehe.

    Oh, and have to disagree slightly with #5. I mean, red wine is the answer every time, duh. ; )

  10. hahaha! Don't get me started on the array of girls that have the name Ashley. Ugh.

    So you may have a point there with the red wine. Although I will say, that forgiveness is not always about letting someone back into your life, but about letting go of it completely. So that is why it's the answer for me. But it can be accompanied by red wine :)

  11. are you sure #5 is every single time? ughhghghg