You're Stranded on an Island...

My co-worker, Michael, likes to ask me ridiculous questions at work to bide the time. So, in true office tradition, he asked me "Ok, if you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you?" with the side note of, "And you can't bring a man."

Before answering, I asked, "Okay, do I have a supply of water?" The answer was yes, you have all the food and water you need to survive.

So, then I could proceed with my answers:
  1. Books to read.
  2. A volleyball.
  3. Chocolate.
To which Michael replied, "Don't you want internet connection instead of books?

"No, not particularly."

"Why the volleyball?"

"I'll need a friend...just like Tom Hanks did."

"But you didn't say anything that will help you get off the island."

"Why am I getting off the island?" I asked, to which he just stared at me.

Conclusions from this interaction:
  1. I question everything. Before answering the question, I answered with a question.
  2. I didn't even think of getting off the island. Maybe this is a sign that I need a vacation.
  3. I'm not-so-novel with my answers. I'm not particularly clever. But I know what I want.
  4. I can't live without chocolate.

Yeah, that sums it up. So who's living on the island with me?


  1. hahaha i love this post. i would have also asked if i had a lifetime supply of swimsuits and a tent or hammock. i agree with you about an endless supply of books. what more would a person need?!
    and me, i will go to the island with you.

  2. Yeah, I suppose bringing a real friend is better than a fake friend :P

  3. So, I gather chocolate > coffee? I believe my answers would have been much more predictable.

  4. Yes. I can live without coffee (I have before). But chocolate is magical.

  5. Hehe, I love that you didn't think about leaving the island! I'd definitely take books over internet connection!

  6. internet connection is available? why should i get off the island then? heheheh


    I would also totally bring chocolate and an endless supply of books so I think we would be a perfect match.

  8. em--I would surely let you inhabit the island with me.

    rita--I guess this is a high tech island? It is the singapore of islands. :)

    steph--alright friend! er, volleyball.

  9. Oooh, or maybe the fact that you didn't think to get off the island is indicative of your non-dependence on others? I think most people would be concerned with being lonely.

  10. good point, iris :)

    Although, I'm probably not that independent. I might go crazy talking to a volleyball for years on end :P

  11. Does Michael have a red Swingline stapler?

  12. no, he's not as cool as me :)

  13. I like your spirit. Why leave the island if you have all the food and water and books you need? Sounds like paradise to me. Your friend doesn't appreciate the concept of solitude.

  14. I wouldn't have even thought to ask the water question. And I think the word 'stranded' doesn't necessarily conjure up images of trying to get off the island. After all, if you had some way to get off the island, you wouldn't be stranded, now would you?


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