Morning After Post

Ah, the obligatory happy post after a sad post...a trend I tend to follow in real life. "Oh yeah, guys...yesterday was a bad day. Man, I was bummed. But today is great! I promise."

Well, actually, today is a lot better. Because out of moments of great sorrow come epiphanies, action and resolution. We can't be happy all the time; but more importantly, we can't be sad all the time. So, in a weird way, I kind of like sadness for how it pushes me to do something.

Of course, sadness doesn't just float away in the middle of the night. That bastard tends to hang around as long as he possibly can (yep, I personified sadness as a boy!). So, I'm dealing with some things...aren't we all? But also, I'm making a few changes here and there. I've always been a fix-it kind of gal. Why mope around when instead I can work on changing my disposition?

By the way, I love that a lot of the solutions provided by you, fine readers, involved road trips and international travel. Well heck, you've found the way to my heart. But know who you're talking to! I'll take you up on all those offers!

And yes, I've been talking to people around me. And yes, I've been praying. Thanks for all your wise words. I love getting advice from the blog community!


  1. I'm just gonna send you hugs...thousands of them!!! We all need them.

  2. Hope you're feeling better too! Having a case of the sads is never a good time.

  3. So glad to read that you're feeling a bit better :) I hope you're taking lots of care of yourself and that the people around you are showering you with hugs :)

  4. The offer stands ; ) At least until Christmas. I'm not sure I'll be here myself after that!

  5. sending you a lot of love from overseas <3 no, we can't be happy all the time, and thankfully, that works for sadness. I always think that something good can come out of the sadness, so work your way through it. and eat some chocolate while you are at it :)

  6. Kind of interesting. I've got Stevie 'Where I'm Coming From' on the turntable right now and as I read these last two posts 'Take Up A Course in Happiness' came on. Just interesting. Glad it got brighter.

    If you're not familiar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tUsocjSbD0 :)

  7. Donny--you are my music guru! Keep em coming...I didn't know those Stevie songs, but of course I loved them!!


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