Why October Will Be Kickass, and Why I'm Just As Kickass

Today is just one of those good days, in where I take a look at the rough week I had and realize that I am self-sufficient and spiritual enough to make it through these sorts of weeks like a champ. What I've always liked about me is that I keep the bigger picture in mind, instead of letting sadness consume me.

I love these clarity days, where I take a deep breath of fresh air until I am sufficiently intoxicated with being alive. I'm really just happy being me.

Sometimes I get briefly wrapped up in bad boys, or stressful days at work, or feeling inadequate. Then I snap out of it and tell myself to "cut that shit out."My ultra logical side is one of the best things about me, even though I complain about it sometimes. It's that logic that never lets me stay sad for long.

What I am working on is getting more in touch with my emotional side (as I roll my eyes), which I tend to sweep under the rug. I've been talking with people about the things that have been bugging me, and who woulda thunk? That has helped immensely.

Enough of the psycho-analysis, which I obviously do too much of on this blog. On to why I am looking forward to October, yeah baby yeah!

  • Foo Fighters Concert--Rock. On.
  • Turkish Day at Balboa Park--I might have a slight obsession with Turkey, so of course I am looking forward to this fab day where great food and belly dancing are sure to ensue!
  • Halloween--I've got some ideas for costumes. It's fun to be a kid again.
  • Dancing naked in my apartment--wait, whaaaa? Don't tell anyone, not even my roommate. Sometimes I'll put on underwear to be more civilized.
  • Continuing to Be Creative--slowly but surely, I'm sticking to my plan.
  • Thrill the World--October 29th cities around the world will be doing the Thriller dance all at the same time. I will be joining, most likely dressed as a zombie. I love drawing blood on my face!

I think my feisty just resurfaced.


  1. Foo Fighters will be a good show!


  2. you kick..butt! foo fighters...very jealous. i miss seeing music..

  3. I feel like I've reached this good place where even when I'm sad, I'm not defeated and I'm always really happy to be me! That's the best.

    Have so much fun at the concert!

  4. See, this is why I never have roommates. They dance around naked when you're not there. I can't deal with that, man.

  5. Oh, and Foo Fighters concert = super-awesomeness. Check out the You Tube video of Dave Grohl on the old Craig Kilborn show singing Tiny Dancer (and forgetting most of the words). Pretty sweet.

  6. ohhh please share your halloween costume inspirations :D

  7. I can't share them yet...they are a secret :)

  8. FF again?! I've seen them only once. They are one great live band. Make sure you sport that Dave shirt like last time. :)

  9. I will! Or I'll get a new Foo Fighters tee!

  10. Three weeks until October 17!!!!!!!!! (I tend to dislike over usage of exclamation points, but I too am excited about the Foo Fighters.)

    Hope you have a great week ahead - I'm down to cap it with 30th on 30th if you still are!

    And the Thriller dance day intrigues me very much. Will look into it.

  11. Omg, you're seeing the Foo Fighters?! Jealous! I'm really loving their new album. And one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME has got to be Everlong.

    And I'd so be down for a little blogger meet up. Let me know when you'll be in NY!

  12. Everlong...one of my favorite songs EVERRRRRRR. In my top 10 for sure.