It's in the Music, Man.

I went to a street fair over the weekend, which provided plenty of live music.

Pretty sure listening to live music is my favorite way to spend the day, as I can do just that for hours and forget all about time and space and even reality. Music is transcendent in that way, no?

And oh gosh, when you find a musician that makes your blood bubble up inside of you to the point of explosion, in where you feel the tears welling up behind your eyes because so many emotions are running through your system, you're simply gonna burst--I love that. I. love. that.

It is in that moment where I think God has come down to meet me on earth, because nothing else matters in those minutes but you and this supernatural experience.

I haphazardly tried to take a video of one of the local artists, but this never works out well--the quaint camera on my phone can only provide so much quality, and the experience is thus downgraded. Still, I'll post one video of Trevor Davis, an artist who brings up all those emotions I mentioned. I love it when I see passion unfolding on stage, and how it makes me realize my own passions. That is true art. This is not one of his original songs, but a cover was all I could record, as I deemed it necessary to put my phone away for the rest of the show and just listen. Listen to my heartbeat, listen to his voice, listen to the guitar and listen to my humanness. Yes.


  1. awesome! :)



  2. definitely music is trascendent in that way! :)