A Glimpse of the Blur (With Help from Instagram)

My weekends have been a blur of events, but my trusty iPhone has managed to capture a few glimpses here and there. My life, through Instagram (the only thing I actually like using my phone for): 

My friend, Jenny, getting all glammed up for her wedding...she looked rather stunning!

My very good friend Rachel was a bridesmaid with me. We looked all decent, and stuff. Guess we had to wash up if we were going to be part of a wedding. Well, Rachel, you clean up nice!

After one wedding comes another: Bethany's Bachelorette Party! (Don't I look like an alien in the above photo? It's sort of awesome!)
Pretty plates for a classy event; although, I may have omitted any phallic objects I used for decoration. 


 It's a Small World at Disneyland...a ride I was coerced to go onto.

Captian E.O., a ride that I always beg to go onto! Michael Jackson for life!

I took a picture of this because...I liked it. Deal with it.

I thought heart sunglasses to be appropriate for a day at Disney. 

If you were thinking, "Ashley, you went to a wedding, a bachelorette party and Disneyland?" Well...you would be right. And all of this in a week-and-a-half time frame (add work in there and you've got an exhausted girl). This being busy business is really tiring me out. I'd much prefer to be lazy...

...but I guess I would be having less fun, huh?


  1. At least it's all fun busy-ness though, right? Summer's the best time to be out and about!

    And I love your glasses. So cute!

  2. Is that a "headless chicken" crossing sign?!? I need more information! Where on earth was that? Disney? And why???

    {I fear I've asked too many questions}

  3. uhhhh, yes to those sunglasses. and thank you for visually updating us on your life!