Across the Pond

Tomorrow night,  I board my non-stop flight to London. (San Diego straight to London, how poetic).

This will be my last post until I say howdy from the United Kingdom!


The three most-asked questions I've been getting pre-depature are:

1. Are you packed yet?

As I type this, I am packing. I am always a last-minute packer. Although, that's not entirely true because I make a list of what to pack a couple days before.

2. Do you think you'll come back with an accent? 

God, I hope not. It will be a weird American, British combo reminiscent of Madonna.

3. Are you excited? 

Yes. Along with everything that comes with excitement. Fear, anxiousness, wonder, eagerness...you name it.

I think the more appropriate question is, "Are you ready?"

I couldn't be more ready to go on a new adventure.

Talk to you when I'm across the pond! 


  1. I think you will come back with an accent - I know I would. I start speaking with an accent after watching a freakin' movie!

    ...Excited for you! :-)


  2. I found that when I just used to watch British TV I'd get an accent (usually some weird posh/Yorkshire hybrid) but when I lived there I started to sound more Canadian instead. Like I had to start insisting on my identity or something.

    I like your packing style! Best of luck and talk soon!

  3. Im sure you will love the UK, very different to the US and you never know you may fall for the English accent :)

  4. Lucky girl! Safe flight and enjoy xx

  5. You already have an accent. That sounds like one LONG flight. Bon Voyage and best of luck!

  6. Girl, as a result of living in 3 different countries, having a mother with an American twang in her accent and dating an American and 2 Kiwis, my accent is so messed up. Everybody seems to think I'm Australian now and people are constantly asking me where I'm from originally. I try to explain why I sound weird and everybody just ends up confused! Keep your accent ;)

    But hanging out with me is probably going to mess you up big time for when you eventually go back to Amurika. Can't wait to see you!