Hello Hello!

I'm currently typing from my room in the U.K. overlooking this park:

Sorry for the lack of a quality photo, but this is all I got.

I definitely had a bit of a shock when I got to my room and realized that I had indeed signed up to live in student housing. For instance, my shower is literally a drain in the floor of the bathroom. Of course, the water sprays everywhere and gets the entirety of the bathroom wet.

Riiiiight. So it's not luxury. But I'm meeting people very easily this way, which is the best part about being in a new country anyway. So, I'm embracing the stuff that is less comforting, because well, not everything is going to be comfortable. It's good for me, I think.

The campus is pretty picturesque and I can't wait to show you photos of the ponds and greenery and brick-ery.

I'm currently FIGHTING jet lag...must. stay. awake...I just wanted to update you all on what's been happening and that I've made it safely.

Until next time!


  1. Smashing! And look at you with your '.co.uk' address. I'm so proud! :)

  2. Anyone said, "Oh you're American." yet?

    1. Yes. Or they ask if I am Canadian. :D

    2. I usually get "Are you Irish?" or "What part of the States are you from?" People are terrible with accents. :)

  3. cannot wait to hear my lady!! proud of you and your adventures! cheers to that i think!

  4. Also, you're smart to get there early and explore. I'm a terrible disaster and always arrive the day before classes start... oodles of stress!

  5. :) you've arrived! :) Very exciting times ahead. Best of luck with everything! I'm sure you'll get used to that shower too ;)