Work In Progress

I really understand one of the biggest allures to moving overseas: I'm new; as in, I am seemingly a blank canvas in this foreign country. Any previous knowledge about my personality was dropped off somewhere in the Atlantic. I've passed through a weird portal in where no one really knows me apart from being a stranger in a new land.

I suppose some people take this opportunity to present themselves in a new way. I might have even had that idea in my mind. Not the idea to completely change, but maybe be a better Ashley.

I'm finding the only thing that's really changing is I'm gaining a greater acceptance of who I am. My eccentricities, my constant sweet disposition with a bit of dirty humor thrown in, my almost unreasonable love for all things Motown and my addiction to coffee...they are all me.

You can move me from country to country and you will find that I'm not a blank canvas at all. I'm a work in progress. Although you can add to my mess of oil goops and impressionistic strokes, nothing can be taken away.

I'm finding a lot of comfort in being exactly who I am, as I am.

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