Around London Town

There won't be too much more of this series left (tears!). In my last few weeks in London, I've been:

Having as much tea time as possible! This is a jasmine/lily blend. 

 Visiting Bridget Jones' apartment (above the Globe). 

 Looking at as much rad architecture as possible! This is Leadenhall Market. 

 Visiting Windsor Castle (not in London, but just outside). The Queen still resides here! William the Conquerer once resided here...IT BLOWS MY MIND. 

And heading to the park...

 To have fancy picnics with old and new friends...

Cheers, London! There's not too much time left now, and I will miss you dearly!


  1. ugh it's going to be so heartbreaking leaving- i hate when trips end! and that tea pot looks CRAY. it looks like a kraken is stuck in there, haha

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Aw, great ways to say farewell xo

  3. Soak it up! it's so beautiful! it blows my mind too that they have castles like that, that are still being used.

  4. Yes, take it all in now! And lots of pictures for memories (like I have to tell you that anwyay).