The Sad Life of an Adventure Seeker

I've come to terms with what I am. I'm an adventurer.

It's why I love traveling, why I yearn to live in new places, why I'm addicted to doing and seeing new things. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I actually do things, I don't just talk about them. A curse because I feel like I'm never content with staying in one place. Is this just a product of youth? I'm not that young anymore, so I'm unsure I can use that excuse...

As I am wrapping up my year in London, I wonder...will I like living in San Diego again? Will it be too small a place for my now expanded mind? Will I be happy to be with sunshine and family? Or will I still have the urge to jump on the next plane flying to an adventurous location?

I just hope one day I'll be happy to stay in one place. But maybe that's not really the life for me. The best I can do is move back, not think too much, and just feel it out. In the mean time, I'll enjoy every bit of London before I depart!


  1. Feeling the EXACT same way right now...

  2. I did what you're doing back in August. It's not always easy to be back home, and sometimes I wish it was cheaper to travel in the US. No scratch that, I always wish that.

  3. Its like the lyrics to "Free Bird": "For I must be traveling on now/'cause there's too many places I've got to see." Sorry to compare you to Lynyrd Skynyrd but where I'm from that actually wouldn't provoke eye-rolling. Well...much eye-rolling.

    1. Actually, I've always loved that song. Which makes sense, doesn't it?

  4. I think, once you enter your old hometown you will notice changes, or you won't at all. Having lived abroad has no doubtedly opened your mind and heart and who knows, you may want to enjoy a few months back in SD, and then hop on the next plane to whoknowswhere. Or, you'll do it on a regular basis...we shall see. But I'm excited for you and your upcoming travel news. :)