Conversations With English Flatmates (Volume 3)

Me: What do you call those again? *points to a stroller*
Flatmate: A pram.
Me: hahaha! What?!? That is the most ridiculous word!
Flatmate: What do you call them?
Me: A stroller.
Flatmate: Ha! As if you are going on a stroll?
Me: Well, yes. Exactly.
Flatmate: Well you can go on a stroll with your pram.
Me: !!


Me: Want some of this leftover chicken?
Flatmate: Sure, I'll just ping it.
Me: Excuse me? What are you going to do to it?
Flatmate: Ping it, in the microwave. Y'know...when it's done...ping!
Me: Oh, you British!


Flatmate: I can't really imagine living without you. It's gonna be sad...
Me: So it was alright having an American flatmate, eh?
Flatmate: Yes!

...and my work here is done. I'm leaving in about 3 weeks, and I can't handle all the emotions that come with it! 


  1. I had no idea it was called a pram until I started watching the show Pram Face and had to have the name of the show explained to me. ping it? I've never heard of that. I guess we say nuke it which doesn't make a lot of sense either. Only 3 weeks left? Sad face!

  2. So. Did you develop an accent?? Are you going to come back using all the British lingo?

    I think I would develop an accent pretty quickly if I were surrounded by it. But I still like the American accent better... No bias there! Ha.


    1. I refused developing an accent to avoid sounding like Madonna!!!! But I do have some lingo I will bring back...like, "Do you fancy a drink?" or "I can't be bothered to go to work today..." My faves...

  3. I'm going to miss this series... when there are no more conversations with your English flatmates. Sorry if this sounds like I'm rubbing it in- not intentional. I can't deal with the emotions right now either.