An Ode to Public Transport

Public Transportation,

I miss you so very, very much. The tube, the Southwest Train service and (even) the buses...you were all my best mates. I even miss the District Line, and if you've spent some time living in London, you know that's laughable!

You used to carry my ass all around London Town. You even connected to larger trains that would bring me to Oxford and Paris. I didn't have to worry about someone picking me up or dropping me off. Power was in my hands!!! It was a new independence I had never felt before, one that surpassed the freedom I previously felt when driving (and man, I used to really love to drive). You convinced me that there's something more freeing about a tube or a train, because you can just plug in your earphones, and check your brain into space! This is a time when extremely deep thinking occurs--life changing thinking.

I'll admit, there were even times when I complained about you when you were a few minutes late. I regret that now. We are apart, and I completely feel your absence. Won't you come back to me?

With All My Love,



In all seriousness, I MISS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SOOOOO MUCH IT HURTS! More than a fat kid who misses cake. A more appropriate analogy would be a fat kid who misses ALL good food after being sent to weight loss camp! 


  1. I just recently took a train for the first time in... maybe three or four years and it felt gooooood!

  2. Oh yes. Public transportation is something California needs to learn about. Should we teach them that?! lol

  3. All of Western US needs better public transportation. It's frustrating! I'm looking forward to trying out DC's transport.

  4. I have grown up in an area NOT public transportation friendly and as someone who really, really hates driving… I long to live in a city that understands public transportation! But then I know I’m not built for city life so I just have to deal with having to drive every single place I want to go. I can definitely see how tough it must be to situate back into life back home, especially as it relates to transportation.

  5. So the movies don't lie, Europe does makes public transportation look cool. I'll take a ride on The Knight Bus, please! :) (Harry Potter ref). Because I'll tell you, the public system in the south is sh*t.

  6. Oh Ash, you know you've got it bad when you're missing the DISTRICT line! Aaaah

  7. One of the things I look forward to in a potential move outta SD is living in a city where I can just take public transportation everywhere... and the Tube was so great! The systems in Chi, NYC and London are great, and I miss them every time I sit still in SD / SoCal traffic.