Around London Town (The Last Edition)

I know that part of the healing process of leaving a country you love is to reflect on your time there. And so, here is my last "Around London Town" post. It's kind of nice (and heartbreaking at the same time) to view these pictures. But it's also a reminder that just because I'm not there, my time abroad has not been forgotten.

 In my last two weeks in London, Lainey paid a visit and thus, it was my duty to introduce her to all things British! Above, the traditional Sunday Roast. 

 Hanging in my garden (that I miss dearly!) 

 On our way (with my old flatmates) to the Rihanna concert. This was a last minute buy, and a fun one at that! 

 The crowd pulling out umbrellas for a certain song. Do I have to even say it? 

Next, a visit to the Tower of London. First built and inhabited by William the Conquerer (that dude got around!)...
 My inner warrior loved all the weapons! 

...I remember looking at this view and thinking, "It won't be long now, and I won't get to see this for awhile." I really miss those stones. The old mixed with new. The tradition mixed with modernism. London is a very special city and will forever be a favorite of mine. It's added onto the list of Places that Feel Like Home. At least I got to call it that for a little while. I think it's safe to say that I was once a Londoner, and will always identify with that! 


  1. Aw yeah, it's bittersweet.

    That milk jug is so cool- I want one!

  2. That is the strangest milk jug. it's like it's throwing it up into your tea. But I guess having it come out holes in the udders wouldn't be any better. You're making me all nastolgic. I remember the last post I wrote, about leaving Cambodia. Hard to think we're coming up on a year of being back.