This here little blog has reached 1500 posts. How very strange! From something that started as writing practice, I have kept this thing for quite a long time...

...sooo, dear reader, you're kind of a weird one, huh? I mean, some of you have read this for years!!!! What's the matter with you? Well, thanks for sticking around through my geeky, silly and even moody posts. I appreciate the feedback and honestly, I'm not quitting blogging anytime soon. 8 years and counting! 


  1. Well dang that is quite a lot. Congrats. Keep up the good work. You should do like a top post, post to highlight some of the best over the years...

    1. Not a bad idea :) I'd have to search through the archives. That's a lot of searching!!

  2. Don't you ever quit! I'll be here forever!!!

  3. congrats on reaching 1500 posts!!! and congrats on the masters!

  4. Congratulations! Keep writing. It's the story of your life.

  5. I'm one of those who has been "stalking" your blog for the last, oh, six or seven years... my, how time flies. I feel like I know you! You even inspired me to start my own blog (though I haven't shared it with the world yet)...

    The best part is, no matter where your adventures take you, you're always here. I never have to miss you! Keep writing, friend! :)


  6. Oh wow! We wanna read more of your adventures...that's why we're still here. ;)


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