Adams Avenue Street Fair

The Adams Avenue Street Fair is a unique fair in that it's centered mostly around music.

 And food, of course. 

 These are cupcakes made with beer. San Diego has become craft beer obsessed. 

 You may not be able to tell what this is, but it's the greatest contribution Canadians have made to the world. Poutine!!!

Remember Churro??? Since I live in the same country as him again, you'll see him on the blog more. 

 I caught some good performances. My favorite was Big Black Delta (below): 

Seriously though, check them out (I love the girl drummer): 

Even more than that, I love their white hipstery dance moves (but seriously, that's a thing). I love watching white hipsters dance...

The fair is an annual thing and began with a group of policemen performing in the 80s, but has expanded to what must be a hundred performers. Best part? It's free :) 


  1. Looks fun! Seems like a nice way to spend the day. Last weekend here was the Turkish festival (hope to post photos soon). Now with the gov't shutdown I'm sure things will be exciting in different ways surely. I could really use a churro now...

    1. Turkish festival in D.C.??? I need to visit then when the festival is going on! :)

  2. OMG, Churro! I can't even take that face, what a cutie.

  3. That really cool that it's centered around music, and food, because what is any event without food?