A Three-Sentence Movie Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Not-mind blowing, but definitely a movie that prompts you to take chances. The movie effectively encapsulates the feeling of stepping out into the unknown; I feel like buying a plane ticket all of a sudden (but what's new?). Ben Stiller just had to slip a little of his famous humor in there, but it totally works.

Prozac Nation

A little messy in its explanation of Christina Ricci's character's condition. However, that might have been the point--to show depression and (what I perceived as) borderline personality disorder from the first person. Overall a good watch with a (very) young stellar cast including Jason Biggs and Michelle Williams.

Stuck in Love

The characters were a little harsh, making them slightly unlikable at points. Maybe watch this if you're bored one day as there are few good one-liners you can pick out from an otherwise unconvincing script. An example of great actors limited by the writing...Greg Kinnear, I expect better from you!

Drinking Buddies

Apparently this movie was all ad-libbed, meaning no script! Some people will dislike it's lack of plot; I, however, think it makes the movie just like a day in the life, but it's still a whatever movie. Watching this makes me really, really want a glass of beer...with Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl!).

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  1. Okay. Really funny. I actually have a similar post set up for next week, in which I mention Stuck in Love and Drinking Buddies as well! But the difference is that, I LOVED Stuck in Love!!! I watched it twice already, lol. The only character that I found a bit unlikeable at one point was Lily Collins, but I came around to really understanding her once she opened up. I thought everyone performed in their roles really well. I liked Drinking Buddies too. Yeah, there was a lot of dialogue and not a whole lot going on, but I really liked the chemistry between the characters. I thought the dynamic between Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde was interesting.

    1. Haha! Stuck in Love did have some endearing parts...but I guess there was something missing there for me. For some reason I felt it unrealistic?? --Ash

  2. Hey! I saw Stuck in Love randomly last night on Netflix. Loved it for the book mentions and for how easy it took on my little heart. Liked Drinking Buddies too but even more now that I know there was no script!

  3. random i just pinned drinking buddies to see!

  4. Prince made me watch New Girl.

    1. I watched that episode and it's actually one the most random episodes I've seen from the show! haha :)