A Three-Sentence Movie Review

Enough Said

Adorbs. You'll get your socks charmed off by a script brimming with love, wit, quirkiness and second chances. WATCH THIS NOW, enough said (see what I did there???). 

Wolf of Wall Street

Leo plays crazy so well. Get ready for a lot of drugs, boobs, fancy cars and that wall street thug life, all based on a true story. A cautionary tale that's highly entertaining and somehow not too preachy (but seriosuly, this was real life?!?).

And While We Were Here

Not sure this movie is completely believable. The characters are sometimes two-dimensional and lacking the real depth needed to understand what's really going on (except a whole lot of sadness). But Kate Bosworth is stunning here and so are those scenes of Italy.


Your heart strings will be majorly pulled, but more laughter will ensue than tears. Lots of Catholic jokes, thought-provoking moments, and a real spirit to this movie. We probably have Judi Dench to thank for that.

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  1. Wolf of Wall Street was fantastic. I loved the scene where Leo was crawling to the car, while high on quaaludes (or those lemon thingies? or are they the same thing?). Hysterical. And While We Were Here was okay to me. The scenery was beautiful but I didn't get too involved in the story. Although, the young guy was quite cute! Can't wait to see Enough Said.

    1. Oh God yes! That scene was HILARIOUS.

      You're gonna love Enough Said, lady!

  2. always love your movie reviews. can't believe we've not visited each other's blogs in so long! i just read through and got caught up. i appreciate your thoughts you shared yesterday. your words mean so much!

    1. Life gets super busy, right??? Gotta slow it down and take some time to read blog, preferably with some good coffee in one hand ;)