The (Girl) is Back in Town

Back in London and it feels like I never left. It's amazing how I can so easily slip into an old life: I instinctually remember what tube stops to change at to catch my next train, I recall the shortcuts and alleyways to whizz through to beat the crowds, and all my British English is in tact (i.e. ordering food for 'take away' as opposed to 'to go'). My body remembers how to be a Londoner--what a happy realization that this will always be a second home for me.

As per usual, I've been having very contemplative, deep thoughts while sitting on the train (oh, how I've missed the trains!). I've been thinking about how this place somehow evokes a spark within my soul, and if I should consider a return. I don't know for sure that I will return, but I do know deep down that I would return. I guess I can only leave it at that for now.

What I do know is this: I feel strong here. Probably because this is a place where I gained true independence and built a community and a life from scratch. Because of that, this will always be more than a home for me, but a symbol of freedom.


  1. Ashley, enjoy your time in London (again). You deserve being back, even just for a short while. This place seems to enlighten and inspire you. Take it all in, girl!! If you happen to run into my cousin (blond, thick Turkish English who talks way tooo fast) say from me. Hahahahahahaha! :) Kidding, kinda. Have fun!!

  2. I hope the weather in London is "playing nice" for you and that you're doing all those things that you've dreamt about doing during your visit. I've spent hours watching the tide rise and fall on the banks of the Thames and think I could spend many more sitting still and doing just that