A Three-Sentence Movie Review

(we interrupt our regularly scheduled travel posts for a movie review post)

1. Boyhood
I heard about this movie years ago--a movie filmed over the span of 12 years capturing a young boy actor actually growing up before your eyes--and it truly didn't disappoint. This movie will go down as a poignant masterpiece that succeeded in capturing the human disposition. A deeper-than-the-surface work of art that not only makes you think, but makes you relate so much you start to cringe in your seat from all the realness.

2. Endless Love 

I would rename this Endless Love (or At Least Until We're Twenty), cause that's what it really it is. Young love is still fun to watch and if you want a little bit of badly-acted fun, this is your movie! Kids these days.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

The soundtrack is as good as they say, especially because they added Marvin in the mix. One of the better done Marvel movies--it entertained and even made me cry! All I can end with is: WE ARE GROOT (tear).

4. Girl Most Likely

Compared to Bridesmaids (because, you know...Kristen Wiig), this movie is a C at most. However, there's something great about watching Kristen play in these down-and-out to fabulous roles. Because of her adorable awkwardness, the movie is worth a one-time watch.

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  1. loved boyhood! i was sad when it was over. i wanted to know what happened next!

  2. It just so happens that Endless Love came in the mail last night. I can't wait to see Boyhood. And I liked (not loved) Girl Most Likely. The movie was missing something, although I'm not sure what that was.

  3. Oh Guardians of the Galaxy. And yes, Marvin. And yes, that scene made me absolutely lose my shit in the movie theatre. I mean openly weeping. You know why. YOU know why!