Christmas in July Party

Whilst in London, I had the pleasure of being able to attend my friend Stu's "Christmas in July" party. Everything I love about London can be found in these photos: a cheeky community coming together drinking copious amounts of wine, wearing silly hats, and allowing for a little bit of humor. 

Stu = Sad Santa?

 I know you're chowing down, boys, but CHEESE! (I'm evil) 

 I had ripped my contact that morning and foolishly did not bring a back-up. So it was glasses for the rest of the trip (argh). Giorgio was my glasses buddy! 

 I just love when English companies go overboard with American-themed stuff ^

 We had a Secret Santa gift exchange! 

 The whole crew. 

Ya know. 

The aftermath ^

Laura and I actually couldn't stay at the party for terribly long because we had to dash to our train for Scotland. We hurriedly made our way to Kings Cross (one of my fave stations):

 And yes, this is the station to find Harry. 

We took our seats, ordered some tea and water to sober up a bit (ha!), and relaxed on a five-hour train ride up the U.K.! 

Next post: Scotland. 


  1. I'm Looking forward to your upcoming Scotland posts. I just returned from Turkey myself (well from Turkey back to Jordan). I love the Christmas in July thing, that is quite awesome. I need a summer secret santa!

  2. Awwww, how cute! I love the Christmas crackers that the Brits have (definitely adopting that tradition this yr)

  3. just got caught up on your posts. glad to see you so happy, refreshed, and with a plan a mind. congrats on graduating, too. my step aunt married her english beau and i can't wait to visit them in london. always loved that city.