Scotland: Greenery and Good Omens

Scotland is pure magic. If you're feeling down-and-out, depressed, manic, or all of the above, book a flight to Scotland straight away. There's just something about that shade of green mixed with the gregarious Scottish spirit that will set your heart right.

A story from my first day in Scotland: Laura and I had signed up for a bus tour; I was genuinely excited about the scenes I was about to take in from my window seat. Within the first hour of driving, I saw something that will be etched on my brain for eternity. Right out the window was a field of yellow flowers, with a single white horse and a waterfall in the background. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever witnessed. I knew it was a message from the universe, God, and life that things were going to be ok. I call that moment my good omen. I didn't have a camera ready to take a picture; however, I'm glad I didn't cheapen that moment with a photograph.

The trip started with two eager women strapped in their seats, ready to go!

 Our tour was "wild and sexy." I highly recommend Haggis Adventures. They picked gorgeous and worthwhile stops for us to explore, and provided quite possibly the best tour guide I ever had! (More about him in the next post). Just look at the gorgeous places we stopped at: 

 This is the little hideaway where J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, penned his famed novel.

And, these next set of photos...well, these are my favorite bits of Scotland! The first photo is from the Isle of Skye, and the next few photos are from the Glencoe region. GORGEOUS. 

AND I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SHOW YOU!!!!! *calm down Ashley, CALM DOWN* Until the next post, dear readers! 


  1. Oh my, it's lovely there. And the Wild and Sexy tour? How terribly cheeky! Good thing people didn't think you were another kind of tour bus...

    1. hahaha! I kept thinking of the Gay & Away tour bus in Under the Tuscan Sun. Gotta love the silly names ;)

  2. scotland is one of the greenest, prettiest places i've seen--even in winter. and now you are making me want to go back!