Introducing The Little Turkish Lady

I've had this blog for a long time. 10 years to be exact. With 10 years of having a blog comes a unique set of challenges, one being blog names. I created the name (and the domain) for this blog when I was 20 YEARS OLD. I was 20, guys. I was but a babe!

"She's Come Undone" was the name of my blog for almost all the 10 years I've had it. When I made the name, of course I thought I was being artsy...or something. I still like what She's Come Undone stands for:
  • letting go of inhibitions
  • being okay with the occasional breakdown
  • throwing away the idea of being perfect
However, for the past year or two I've wanted to switch it. But to what? Little Turkish Girl? I'm not a girl anymore (although there is something to be said for keeping a child-like curiosity). 

I settled on Little Turkish Lady. It's the grown-up Little Turkish Girl. I don't have to remind myself to "come undone" anymore because I've already succeeded in my goal. I am now a woman who takes chances, travels by herself, moves to different countries, stands up for what she believes in, and most of all, is open and honest about who she really is. 

I'll keep my domain as it is for awhile because...sentimental value...ya know? And for those of you that have just stumbled on my blog and are asking, "Wait...you're Turkish?" Yep, half, to be exact. Turkey was my first real inspiration in life. It inspired me to travel and to think outside the box. For that I still owe it my blog's name. 

The Little Turkish Girl Lady


  1. ElleSees.blogspot.com5:10 AM, April 22, 2015

    well hello there!!! ;) and turkey is on my ever-growing travel list!

  2. You MUST go there! Good for you for having it on your travel list. A lot of Americans know nothing of Turkey and say the most ignorant things about it!

  3. hello to the little turkish lady! =)



  4. hello lady ;) can't believe you've been blogging 10 years, that's awesome!

  5. Or crazy. One of the two :) :)

  6. Hello pretty Turkish lady!

  7. Hey Laaaaaady! (I know the lyric is ladies, but work with me here :))

  8. Yes! If you would have missed that reference I would have had to kick you out the record shop. So, does this count as a blog post? Haha.

  9. It most DEFINITELY DOES NOT. hahaha

  10. Love the new blog name, girl, uhm, lady. ;) You'll always be my younger Turkish sister. ;)

  11. The name change is appropriate and still lovely - our blogs should grow as we do