Switching Seasons

NYC is starting to feel springy

The weather took a delicious turn into 70-degrees today, and it forced me to brush off the frost that was still desperately clinging to my spirit. Spring is serious business in places that have real winters (San Diego doesn't even notice a changing of seasons), and the effect on people is noticeable.

Because I'm such a gypsy, but with a neurotic mind, sometimes I feel like I'm not sure where I am going or what I am doing with my life. Am I wasting time? Am I floating along like a lily in a pond, unsure of where I might float to next? Then I think floating is not so bad, and I should let myself float as long as I'd like to.

I'm going to go with that train of thought, because it's the gentler thought and one I should always be embracing. We should always be finding ways to be a bit gentler with ourselves, I think.

There is something that switched in me today. Maybe it was brought on by the weather. Maybe it was brought on by the solar eclipse. No matter what it was, I'm going to float with it as long as possible. 

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