What's Happenin' (in March)

Have you asked yourself, "what's been happening in Ashley's life in NYC?" (you wonder all the time, riiiight?). Just like Lumbergh from Office Space:

1. I've been brunching it a lot, which I am convinced is a practice that started in NYC to begin with.

2. I had a smashing birthday party (I turned 31...weird age!).

And yes, you can sing "LADYYYY IN REDDDDDDD" to me. G'head. 

3. I became obsessed with Neko Case and (and her band the New Pornographers, when she's not solo) thanks to Donny. They've been around awhile, and I've heard of em before, but didn't really listen until a few days ago. I am just BLOWN AWAY. Seriously guys, listen. 

4. I've been SEARCHING for a good spring jacket. Recommendations??

5. I've booked trips to London, Berlin, and...wait for it...TURKEY. More on this later, but I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF BECAUSE TURKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 

6. I've been enjoying photographing the city.

7. I've been happy spring is just about here. Which really means shedding off winter blues for some more vibrant colors.

(Thought I would do these sorts of posts about once a month, to show what's been happening in Ashley's world, other than her talking in the third person. Cause that happens often). 

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