Calm in California

I feel like my post title is reminiscent of "Sleepless in Seattle." ha.

Calm in California is pretty accurate, though. I've been feeling pretty good being in good ol' San Diego. If ever you want to go somewhere to unwind, drink a little beer, and move at the pace of a snail, Southern California is definitely the spot. The place that made me feel trapped about 2 years ago is now feeling pretty damn good with my bum ankle.

I've also taken the time to let my body rest. I've seen friends here and there, but I've stayed in more nights than going out. And "going out" has really just been lounging in a jacuzzi or watching a movie with my pals. I've cut down on the alcohol, and taken time to gaze at the sky and breathe my worries away.

I guess the point I'm getting at here is I wasn't taking care of myself in New York. I was becoming frazzled, drinking too much, and generally not being my happy self. I have a bit of time left in New York until my lease ends, but I'll be going back with a different mindset than when I left it. There are also a few factors that were bringing me down back in the city, but having time away from those factors sure brings clarity.

I know NYC is not the place for me (deep down in my soul, I've known this for awhile); however, I think I can enjoy the rest of my time there. And if it's still causing me too much stress, I'll find the escape hatch.

For now, I'll be in San Diego another 25 days or so--long enough to properly hit the reset button. 

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