inhale...ahhhh, that feels better

Woo hoo! Today is over with, I'm very happy about that. I just finished my econ quiz online. What an evil class!!! Who the hell cares about supply and demand? The devil, possibly.

Can I just say that Elton John is my hero? "Benny and the Jets..." what a great song. And it's a great excuse to stutter! Besides, I have a fondness for gay boys. Yes, sorry to break it to you, Elton John is gay.

Today I went to a speech about alcohol awareness. It was given by a man that lost his sight due to an accident by a drunk driver. It was more than that, though. The accident broke EVERY bone in his face. The plastic surgeons told his parents that reconstructive surgery would take 25 hours. And this is the part that kills me, they said to the parents, "there's just one problem, we don't know what you son looks like, so could you bring in a picture?" His face was that broken up.

Sometimes I take a look at my life and realize that I'm really really lucky. And I'm not even appreciative. I'm just a spoiled brat sometimes. The saddest thing is that I take tons of things for granted and complain about things that I don't have. What more could I ask for? (except for a simple hello from a guy I think is really cute--jaclyn would agree, hehe). You see? The simple things bring me happiness and solace.

So yeah, tonight I'm just taking a break from the string of complaints that's going wrong with my life and cutting that string in half. Man, I seriously have it made. Plus Jaime gave me a "smart cookie award," that's reason enough to smile!


  1. DEIDRA! hehe, thanks for leaving a comment, although it has NOTHING to do with the post, you're great.