Time for rehab

yes, I will admit it--I am a caffiene addict. It's not my fault though. The addiction began back in 5th grade, when my best friend's mom would take us to Starbucks (back before it was a freakin' monopoly) and get us Mocha Frappacinos. Oh, the whipped cream frozen goodness of frappacinos...it is an addcition.

But coffee is not the only thing I am addicted to. Here are a few others:
  • English, Austarlian and South African accents: I've had this conversation with michelle before, that 1.American accents sound dumb and 2.these three accents just may be the sexiest EVER (you can throw in Scottish and Irish as well). Yep, I'm addicted.
  • The color purple: you see, the "green" phase has gone a little too far. Pink makes me gag sometimes. Yellow is happy, but a little too bright in the morning. All the colors have something to offer, sure, but they can't beat purple. Purple is everything that I love. It is deep, beautiful, thoughful, luscious and sexy all wrapped into one pretty little color. Anything purple I love and must have. Yet another addiction.
  • Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger: there are a few other boys you could put on this list, but these two are my absolute favorites. Tall, sexy, beautiful boys with (gasp!!) accents. Why can't all men look like them? Dress them tuxedos and I'll faint. Passing out is a sign of a addiction, no?
  • Writing: the problem is that I don't read nearly as much as I write, I need to fix that problem. But, alas, writing can console the saddest of days and release anger built up in you the size of Africa. It is an outlet for pressure and passageway for others to see the real you. Poems are some of my favorite things to write. Writing is like a pill. I must be a pill popper. My mom would be proud :)
  • Traveling: I LOVE learning about other cultures. Being an American, I'm THIRSTING for culture, it's the one thing our country truly lacks. Going to Turkey has taught me what tradition is really about; going to England has showed me history that I can reach out and touch. It's exciting and I need MORE!! I want to go to Italy, France, Scotland, Australia...heck! I don't care, send me to Antartica in a canoe. Any new experience is addicting to me.
  • Sarcasm: I hate it. I would never be addicited to that crap.

There are other things I could have put on this list. These are the things that stand out in my mind and captivate me at the moment. They are truly addicting to me and I can't get enough! Well, enough about my addictions. It's time to go to the store and buy fake guns for our mafia-inspired exchange with a fraternity. Doesn't that sound classy? haha...oh the sarcasm kills me!

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