Rolling With the Punches

Hmmm...well I'm trying to play around with my header, but the picture didn't come out that great, so I may play around with it more.

Today I'm trying to figure out a few things about jobs. I got rejected from a place I wanted to work at, and then got an offer from a place I didn't think I would ever work at. Hmmm...so I'm going to the interview for this place on Thurs. (an insurance agency) to at least practice my interviewing skills and see what they have to offer.

I'm not upset about the rejection. I'm a true believer in God=I'm a true believer in fate. So I'm just rolling with the punches here.

On the happy side, two of my friends, Josh and Cynthia, are engaged!!! I am so excited for them because they're the kind of couple that gives me hope in the idea of true love. I don't think I've ever been more excited for other people! I approve of this wedding, and it's hard to get the Ashley-seal-of-approval, let me tell ya.

So yeah, that's all I have to report today. I'm gonna keep applying and keep at it, and see if something I like comes up. I have a much more relaxed attitude about everything this week, and I've realized that THAT's the way to go about it. Hell yes it is.


  1. I approve of this header.

    Also, if I had money, I'd hire you as my expert bacon chef. Somehow I get the feeling that you know your way around a kitchen.

  2. Yeah, I do know how to cook a few good things. Somehow I have the feeling that you'd be fine with a limited menu as long as every item included bacon :)

  3. Insurance agency, hmm? We should talk....

  4. Do you have advice about it, Mr. villageidiot?

    haha, it's funny to type out that name.