Capturing the Passion

The clouds have been rolling into San Diego the past few days and this makes me tremendously happy. It's always so damn sunny in San Diego. Not that the sun is bad. It's just lovely to see some change. Rain is internally soothing to me. And I love looking at the night sky after it rains--every star is visible, the air is crisp, the wind chills me to the point of tingles.

Anyway, over the weekend I went to see a Christian Hardcore band. Yeah, I said Christian. Yeah, I said Hardcore. I'm not, er, your typical hardcore music lover, but I appreciate any live rock show. It was pretty amazing, actually.

The band is called Sleeping Giant (a take on the famous quote made by the Japanese admiral after bombing pearl harbor? Yes, I think so. As in, this movement is a sleeping giant about to be awaken).

If you're interested, take a listen to this song:

This is an example of your typical worship song being set to rock music. (This was not like their other songs where, yes, they were screaming).

What I wanted to portray by showing this clip is the passion in Christianity. I understand anyone who asks, "How can you believe? Are you being forced to go to church? WHAT is wrong with you?"

haha. I wouldn't be going to church, believing, etc., if I didn't have a passion for what I believe. I believe because before, my life without belief wasn't satisfying, wasn't passionate. By showing this clip I simply wanted to show you another side to God that doesn't involve rules, or fancy Sunday clothes at your Grandma's church.

To have passion in my life makes all the difference.


  1. at first, i had a few jabs at the thought of christian hardcore. well, you know me haha. but instead, i'll just say good for you. its good to find those important things in life and stick to them no matter what. bravo.

  2. haha...I'm not looking to get into the "hardcore" scene. I'm more of mellow music kind of person (with occasional rock). But thanks :)

  3. Ha, y'know the first time I heard a Christian rock band I was completely astounded. It was a strange experience. But I've heard a right mix from hardcore weird to chilled out weepy, and my preferences will always remain with good old fashioned hymns =) And diiid those feeet... in ancient tiiimes... walk upon England's mountains greeeeen...

    Halloween was super fun! Unfortunately very few people got that I was from 'A Clockwork Orange', and one of my friends asked if I was Sally Bowles from 'Cabaret'. Doh. Ah well. I enjoyed it!

    Jax x