Day 02 - A beach picture that you have taken

This was a hard one for me. I have so many beach pictures! Probably because I am always so utterly entranced by the beach, the waves, and the effect it has over my body--a calm that always seems to melt stress away.

I am in love with the beach and am convinced that I could never live somewhere that isn't by water.

While I could have picked a picture that was from Turkey, or Ireland, or Mexico, I instead went with a beach picture right from Sunny SD. There's nothing about the above picture that is really unique...not when it comes to beach photos. But it is California through and through. It's our culture--what we are about, what we stand for, all wrapped into a snapshot. The beach is the Californian identity; therefore, it is part of my identity.

I look at those waves and that sun, and I melt...


  1. Beautiful, now I wish I lived by the water somewhere warm and sunny like that :)

  2. Beautiful picture. I just love beach pictures, especially sunset ones. I take a lot of them, too, whenever I manage to head over to the beach and they always turn out gorgeous.

  3. It must be nice to live next to something so beautiful. We have a river, but not many people are willing to swim in it! :)