Love, Love, Love

I had another friend that got married about a week ago, so I wanted to share come lovely photos of the wedding (set at a winery).

The cute-as-a-button couple ♥

Fun shots by the winery!


Candace and "Pilot Man"

The cute cake (they also had cupcakes).

Time with friends, watching other friends get married.

Good wedding...yet kind of trippy to see all these friends of mine get married. Well, it's weird and not-weird at the same time. Each individual couple is ready at their own rate, yet what's weird is seeing some people that you've known for years move from one stage of life (college and being a twenty-something wanderer) to GETTING MARRIED--a very monumental stage of life.

And so, all these weddings I have been to have been trippy in that sense, because I am so not in that stage of life.

This is not a good or bad observation; rather, just an observation on how we (or I) perceive changes. Yeah...I think that sums it up!


  1. changes. hm. yes. perhaps just diving into the pool of dating and free spirited-ness will make it less "weird" and give u a greater chance of being in this wonderful next stage of life.

  2. I lovve your shoes and the bride looked beautiful.

  3. at a winery, how fun!!! and your dress is wayyyy cool. so is hers but you know, in a different way :)

  4. Beautiful pics, and you look fantastic - what a great dress! :)

  5. thanks, I love the dress as well...it's from Paris! woohoo!

  6. Anonymous--who are you?? haha.

    I just want to clarify. I didn't mean to call marriage weird; rather, I find it beautiful. What I mean is, it's a trip to see people you've known for YEARS (even some since childhood) get married.

    Now I do give dating shot, even if I don't always talk about it on this blog. Don't want you to think I'm anti-love. But in regards to dating, I suppose I'm different than the average girl. That's just how I am!

  7. Haha @ Anonymous. Now THAT was a weird comment. ;)

    I totally get what you mean by weird, because I feel the same way! We're just not even close to that stage of life.

    I love, love, love your dress by the way!

  8. Your dress is super cute!
    Next comes the stage where all your friends start having babies. That was the SUPER weird stage for me... :)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  9. I recognise that dress... ;)

    It's awesome but so surreal when your friends all start getting married, isn't it? But we're at that age now, m'dear. Terrifying, I know. It's okay to not be there yet, I'm not either! Let's just enjoy it!

    Jax x

  10. a few of my friends also got married recently...
    It's a monumental and very important stage of life when one feels ready to get married!

  11. Weddings are so joyful! But it could be surreal when it involves your friends. Nice photos!

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  13. What are you using the info for Daniel?

  14. I just love weddings. Even when I was single (which I was for a LONG time, got married at 31, about ten months after meeting my hubby) and this one looks super cute! Love that cake.

  15. Ohh I LOVE weddings. Take a look on my blog and feel free to follow me, I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad. ♥, Jo

  16. Firstly, you are stylish (re; what you wrote on my blog a few days ago). At least, you look stylish in the occasional pictures you post!

    Next, mmm winery. ; )

    And third, I hear you on the friends getting married front. I think I'm still in the first wave of that, but it is just so strange. I'm happy for all of them, but I still feel like a kid, hehe. : D