The Anti-List

I absolutely loved this idea from Molly, so I had to post on it.

"The Anti-List" is a list one makes of things he or she has bravely (or not so bravely) tried and decided THEY DON'T LIKE.

As Molly puts it, it's about embracing who you are and who you aren't. So, without anymore unnecessary rambling, my anti-list:
  • Sushi: Everyone and their Uncle Joe tries to get me to like Sushi. At the end of the day, my opinion stands: I DON'T LIKE RAW FISH. You can try to cover it in cream cheese, add hot sauce, seaweed, or any other distractor you'd like. I've tried it all and nothing has worked. If we go to a Sushi place, I'll order the Chicken Teriyaki and a Saporro, thanks.
  • Mayonaise: I will only eat this in chicken salad. That's it. It's pretty nasty, otherwise.
  • Going on Droppy Amusement Rides: Not sure what else to call them, I just know that I cringe when I see those rides that take you up to the highest of heights, only to drop you. DROPPY RIDES ARE THE DEVIL. I don't like heights! I'll do rollercoasters, but please, stop trying to convince me to go on these god-forsaken rides with you. I find no enjoyment from them, and don't appreciate being called a "sissy-pants" for not attempting.
  • Pink (the color): Just because I am a chick, doesn't mean I am obligated to like this annoying and ridiculous color. Please don't assume that I want the pink straw or the pink t-shirt because I am female. Even when I was five years old, I was already savvy to the frivolity of pink. BAN PINK!
  • Being Set-Up: No, I do not want to go out with your brother, whom you think 'is perfect' for me. Please stop scouting out men on my behalf. I'm not incapable, I'm just disinterested in going about love in a such a contrived matter. Because I relate to Jason Mraz when he says,"When I fall in love/I'll take my time/there's no need to hurry when I'm making up my mind." I'll never be able to rush or force these things. Love is already complicated enough, shouldn't it happen naturally?
  • House Music: No. Just No. It's far too repetitive and annoying to stand much of that crap.
  • Pity Parties: get. over. it. I don't indulge in this dramatic behavior. Mourning is ok, but then you need to get out of the funk, sister (or brother)! Don't hold on to what wasn't meant to be.

What are you anti?


  1. haha - don't hate me but i just don't like Jason Mraz-y type music. Same for John Mayer, etc.

  2. btw, just was looking at your "about me" - i, too, believe purple is the only great color.

  3. I like your list, even if I have been converted to a sushi convert lately (to a degree). Though if given the choice, give me some chicken katsu!

    I'll have to make my list later. :)

  4. Yay for Anti-Lists! Yours is definitely first class.
    Although I love sushi (I'll happily eat your helping! thankyouverymuch), I totally agree about House Music. Borrrrrrrr-riiiiiiiiing.

  5. not possible. sushi is amazing. but at least you'll still go! i have friends who can't even be around the smell! (babies). love this list!

  6. HA! I agree with everything... except the sushi! Although I don't really like the stuff (ngiri?) that is only raw fish...

  7. I hate mayonnaise and raw fish too! And pity parties...can't stand them! My anti list is people who push in, mud and mashed potato :)

  8. Brilliant. Those sushi eaters are so smug and pretentious, with their chop sticks, and their matching sake flights, and their wine-like descriptions of the different fish. Its not a meal when you're dreaming of getting the hell out of the restaurant so you can get a burger or pizza.

    I will call my new metal band "Droppy Amusement Rides."

    How can you not like being set up? "So where did you grow up?" "What do you like to do for fun?" "Are you a crazy, psycho stalker?" (that last one may just be me).

  9. hahaha! Chris, you left the best comment BY FAR.

  10. I hate droppy roller coasters, too! And I've recently developed a major fear that I'm not strapped in correctly and will PLUMMET TO MY DEATH while on a roller coaster. They barely even check you to make sure you're strapped in! It's all very unpleasant.

  11. I HATE being set up too. I mean, it's called being "set up!" Isn't a setup when a Movie Gangster betrays his people, or you are doing a drug deal and the Popo (official name) shows up and the ringleader screams, "It's a setup! Let's get the hell outta here!"?

    In general, I hate it when people force their ideas and impressions on me, when it matches their own value systems, with no regard to what I want. This is so fundamental, to fight the fundamentalists.

  12. Peppers, and thus, salsa. I just don't like the way it tastes.

    Thai food - tried it twice, was unimpressed twice.

    Things that are covered in some kind of slimy sauce that I'm supposed to eat - just... yuck. Turns my stomach thinking about it.

    I'm with you on Mayo and Pink and droppy rides for sure - but I also don't like roller coasters with really high initial drops. Just not my thing.

    People who claim to have religion of some kind but then fail to act in a manner worthy of that religious label. This is totally rant material for me, but I'll just leave it at that.

    There's a few for you from me. :)